Blooming Label is founded by creative designer & stylist Ilde Arnold, based in the Netherlands. Combining her love for interior design, photography, art, nature and sustainability she founded Blooming Label. With Blooming Label Ilde aims to create wall art that is true-hearted, friendly for our planet, soft and reusable. Something that inspires and intrigues, something that blends in beautifully and effortlessly with any kind of interior style. 

In Blooming Label’s artwork you will find a mix of reality and fantasy yet staying close to nature as the origin of everything. In her work Ilde loves to focus on different forms of natural beauty, combining them with inspiration she finds in art, photography, music and contemporary culture. Blooming Label’s light and frameless wall art is made from woven organic cotton and can be hung up easily. With a strong focus on sustainability each piece can be turned into something new over time, like a tote bag, a pillowcase, a garment or whatever your creativity brings you.